Breezer Bikes Adopts NBG Napa-SF Leg/Promotes Healthy Transportation

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Martin Krieg

On Friday, as we were winding down, John Doidge, of the Breezer transportation bicycle company,
after a few weeks of our detailing for them what we would need to make their sponsorship a reality,
agreed to make his ahead of the curve bike business a sponsor for a new Mayors' Ride leg we are
adding this year. Napa to Sausalito to San Francisco at ! Yahoo and these guys are the real deal. Not only
are they much connected to most all of the harder hitting bike activists in Marin County, but the
bikes they produce are all about making the footprint all of us leave on the planet a far lighter
one indeed.

More as all of this fire unfolds but to show you what kind of impact they have, consider this news
release that literally just came in from Larry Black of Mt Airy Bikes in College Park, Maryland!
Larry is burning the midnight oil to get the Breezer message out there as well!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Suzette Ayotte, Breezer/SimpliCity Cycle Company LLC Phone: 415 339
8917 Fax: 415 339-1341 E-mail: [email protected] Larry Black 301 831
5151, [email protected],

Mountain Bike Legend Joe Breeze to Speak in College Park, Md. "Healthy Transportation Choices Now"
Speaking Tour Sponsored by College Park Area Bicycle Coalition ands College Park Bicycles

College Park, Md, February 15, 2004:

The College Park Area Bicycle Coalition announces that mountain biking legend Joe Breeze will bring
his "Healthy Transportation Choices Now" national speaking tour to College Park, Md. on March 5 at 7
PM. . Co-hosts Bill Kelley of the nonprofit Coalition and Larry Black and Chad Kayser of College
Park Bicycles encourage all who have an interest in traffic congestion solutions, the obesity
epidemic, sustainability, active living, safe routes to schools, and community health to attend.
Breeze will discuss how people can immediately transform their transportation choices for better
physical health, fiscal health, and environmental health.

In announcing this event Black and Kayser said, "We are thrilled to have Joe Breeze, a visionary and
expert in creating a healthier, more efficient transportation system, speak in College Park

Following the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C., March 3 to 5, Breeze, owner and designer of
Breezer transportation bicycles, will give his dynamic and highly acclaimed illustrated
presentation, "Beyond Sprawl and Oil Wars: Healthy Transportation Choices Now." In the presentation,
Breeze reflects on the rich history of the bicycle, which he notes is "the world's most efficient
vehicle." He recounts the mountain bike revolution, in which he was a leading player, and
demonstrates the bicycle's promise for transforming our oil-dependent, unhealthy transportation
system into one with the option of safe, more efficient travel by healthy people living in healthy

Breeze, a charter member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and 2003 BRAINy Bicycle Advocate of the
Year, has appeared on the cover of SMITHSONIAN magazine and has been featured in BICYCLING magazine
and other major publications. A local and national advocate for bicycle transportation, Breeze
"rides his talk" each day, using a bicycle as his primary transportation choice.

An open discussion that follows Breeze's presentation will provide an opportunity for civic leaders,
health advocates, transportation planners, bicycle and pedestrian advocates, school officials and
citizens to participate in an extraordinary discussion of how to create a healthier transportation
environment, now.

Attendees can see and try a selection of new bicycles innovations for friendlier, safer, efficient,
and more comfortable bicycle transportation

Admission Free, phone or email registration strongly suggested, seating limited. Refreshments.

College Park's cycling community is proud to be the premiere location for this 'edutaining' 2004
series. Fresh from the summit on Capitol Hill, several notable figures from the world of cycling are
expected to attend before leaving the National Capital Area.

Other Dates in the Northeast. For detail information on the Healthy Transportation Choices Now Tour,

March 5: College Park, Maryland March 6: Washington, DC March 7: Philadelphia, PA March 8: New York
City, Manhattan March 9: New York City, Brooklyn (tentative) March 10: Westport, CT March 11:
Providence, RI March 12: Boston, MA

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MARTIN KRIEG "Awake Again" Author c/o 79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle
Greenway CEO

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