Bringing the vibe back.

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Bob Mina, May 16, 2003.

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    Hey, People. Nice to talk to you all again.

    I can see that RST is suffering from a hostile takeover of the trolls, eh? Shame, but eventually
    he/she/they'll get bored and move on to the scuba group or something like that. Please don't feed
    the trolls - the love the attention.

    In the meantime, I've been updating the Race Report archive at my website, so feel free to drop by
    and amuse yourself -

    Most recently, I had the honor of an invitation to run the Boston Marathon back on April 21. Of
    course, the route beat me up, chewed on me, then spat me out somewhere near Boston College, but what
    a day! Here's the direct link:

    Sunday I'll be at Columbia. Look for the Clydesdale on a road bike - the race rig is in need of a
    cable replacement that won't be done before Sunday. Should be interesting to race without toys!

    Hurricane Bob
    * Where's Brian Wagner when we need someone? *