Brisbane airport bans cyclists on airport roads


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Oct 25, 2007
Brisbane Airport Corporation ( BAC) have announced a 'halt' to cycling on all airport roads for 18 to 24 months due to road construction making it hazardous for cyclists. This means the commuters who have been cycling to work at the airport precinct for years will have to find alternative transport. Public transport to anywhere other than the terminal buildings is very poor and not an option for most people.

This is a cop-out by BAC who have a responsibility to ensure safe access for all road users. By banning cyclists BAC have shown they have no social or environmental principles. :mad: :mad: :mad:
After strong opposition from workers and management of companies at the Brisbane Airport Precinct and from Bicycle Queensland and perhaps from other influential persons and agencies unknown, Brisbane Airport Corporation has backed down from the proposed ban of cyclists on airport roads.

Brisbane Airport Corporation has instead issued a traffic update that announces cycling on airport roads will not be banned, only strongly discouraged.

This is a great result for cycle commuters who rely on their bicycle as their only means of transport to work. Hopefully the many voices who spoke out against this ban will continue to lobby for BAC to facilitate safe routes for cyclists to the airport precinct through the roadworks.

Thank you to everyone who wrote or emailed BAC in support of maintaining bicycle access to the Brisbane Ariport. :)


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