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Mar 10, 2007
G'day everyone

I live at Coorparoo in Brisbane and am looking for someone to ride with both on and off road.

Some background information:

I am 37 years old and have always like cycling. I played soccer until I was 29 and was hit by a car cycling. In 1996 my cycling became a larger part of my life when a mate started to increase his riding too. In 1998 I traded my Apollo Eclipse in on a Giant Peleton 8400 and started riding quite a bit. In March 2000 a car turned right in front of me and the result was quite nasty. I won’t bore you now. My bike was repaired and a few months later I could ride again. I was too scared to ride alone so I went in a group. It was pouring rain shortly after leaving and that, coupled with having riders all round me and the high speed of the group freaked me out a bit after my accident. I continued to ride on the road but did not like it as much as I used to and felt like the living dead after the accident. I was now purely servicing an addiction and riding somewhat out of spite and a sense of refusing to be defeated.

In 2001 I bought a XT/LX Merida mountain bike and began a truly awesome period of cycling. I got to know Daisy Hill Forrest Park like the back of my hand and would pedal my **** off for 50km of single trail every Sunday morning, (av 14kph) with the odd ride at Gap Creek and Brisbane Forest Park and had devised a mainly off road trek to work that turned an 11km fight with every truck driver in town to a tough 17km off road sprint through very hilly bush and parks etc.

My fitness had gone through the roof and the off roading was just the best when you are that fit and up to it, literally flying down familiar single trails and powering up the hills. My big rides were on Sunday mornings and 3 years ago I became unable to ride then and intended to slot it in another time but was working long hours including Saturday morning so the cycling, much to my disappointment took a back seat and was reduced to the odd short ride and some longer ones here and there when I got the chance.

In that time I have been longing to get my riding time back. I went from 84kg to 102kg before Christmas. I was horrified when I saw my weight. I went to Mooloolaba for two weeks prior to Christmas and when I returned I was 107kg. I could not get off the scales quickly enough and literally had my head in my hands unable to fully believe I was that heavy. At 84kg I was big and strong and only life’s responsibilities and the clock could stop me peddling. This was the opposite pole and I was freaked out.

This year I made a resolution to leave the building industry. It is hard work but does not burn fat. Just chips away at you all day – enough to keep you tired, nothing more. It didn’t take long before I got a new job and now cycle on Saturday mornings as well as riding to work 3-4 days a week. I bought a Tommasini Diamante recently to ease the pain of being fat. I have lost 7kg in 7 weeks and am slowly building up the Saturday road ride. Last Saturday I rode 82km at av 28.4kph. It seemed easy. I want to get back to 100-110km av 30kph but it won’t happen over night. I’d like it to though.

I was looking at Bikely 2 days ago for the first time. There are just so many good rides south east of Brisbane. You don’t even need Bikely. You could make up any number of rides of around the 80-120 km range and then there is the Mt Glorious – Mt Nebo Samford to The Gap ride etc.

What I am looking for is someone or a number of people who would like to ride with me on and off road on Saturday morning between 6am and 9.30-10am.

My wants:

# Doesn’t have to go each week. Any time you want to come just phone me during the week to discuss a location/route/distance, on or off road.

# I am fairly particular about the starting time being 6am or slightly earlier.

# I want to do both on and off road. I am interested to hear from anyone who just wants to do on or off only. That’s perfectly fine.

# Someone who has at least the fitness to ride 80 km at 28kph and wants to get a lot better. In pairs or a small group, 80 is pretty short really. So I’m looking to improve ASAP.

# Someone with the brains to phone if they are late. I understand. Better to go before you leave than to look for some bush dunny on the ride.

I don’t want:

# Someone who wants a chin wag at the top of every hill off road and riding abreast the whole way chatting on road. I will talk your ear off after the ride.

# Someone who drinks or stays up late on a Friday night.

# Someone who drinks or stays up late and thinks they’ll be right.

# Being phoned on Saturday morning because you lied when you said you don’t drink or stay up late on Friday night.

# I do not stop for coffee and shiny bike comp half way. I may cook after the ride. I like cooking and like eating even more.

I am not a dictator and don’t expect to call all of the shots. If things don’t work out, that’s the way it goes, it’s not a problem. I won’t take it personally if your not that keen any more, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how it goes. If there is a lot of responses I may try to post the ride each week based on peoples wants and complaints about the previous weeks or there could be a democratic decision after each ride as to next week and people can agree or split up for a week and take it week by week. This is all speculation as I may not even get any responses.

To respond to this ad please use the following email address:

[email protected]

Happy riding.

Mount Gower.

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