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    Those of us in Brissie have gone quiet on WoJ. The current threads
    about threats and hit-n-runs give a reminder. I'd be interested in some
    input on the best state-based actions to take. To my mind it would be
    good to see our Attorney General review the SA Royal Commission report
    and legislative amendments and consider the same amendments for
    Queensland (and if the decision was "not required", to provide answers
    why not). My present plan is to write to the A-G requesting this
    action. It might also be open to do this via an e-Petition.

    Your comments are welcome.


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    Apr 11, 2003
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    Got a pre-existing forum if you guys want to use it:

    Brisbane WoJ pix from the May Ride:[email protected]/sets/322034/

    The latest I was sent this morning, see below (still catching up with other correspondence!)


    Still no appearance of Eugene in court.

    What other misfeasance is being perpetrated in the SA legal system that
    could delay hearing and judgement on the the McGee case.

    Little wonder there is worry about the state of affairs..

    LIBERALS consider establishing anti-corruption body

    ABC Online - Australia
    The Opposition Leader, Rob Kerin, says cases including the so-called stashed
    cash affair, the Ashbourne inquiry and the Eugene McGee hit and run case
    have ...