Briz: State of the Art Cycle Centre planned for the city

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    Minister for Transport & Main Roads
    The Honourable Paul Lucas

    State of the Art Cycle Centre planned for the city

    Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman
    and Transport and Main Roads Minister Paul Lucas have today announced
    plans to create a world-class bike facility to kick-start a healthier
    city heart.

    Speaking at the Obesity Summit at Parliament House, the Premier
    described the end-of- trip facility planned for Brisbane's King George
    Square car park as a place cyclists can park their ride, freshen up and
    get ready for work, as well as make bike repairs for the journey home.

    "The Lord Mayor and I know only too well the benefits of beginning the
    day by getting outside for some exercise and it's pretty clear that the
    best way to get your mind into gear for a busy day is starting with
    outdoor exercise," Mr Beattie said.

    Mr Beattie said the new Cycle Centre planned for Brisbane's CBD would
    mean more people who worked in the city would soon be able to make
    getting to work their daily exercise.

    "This facility will feature 432 secure storage facilities for cyclists
    and walkers, shower and change facilities, hair-drying stations, bike
    repair facilities and a drop off point for laundry. All these
    facilities will be under the one roof, so it'll be a one-stop shop for
    the city's health conscious," Mr Beattie said.

    Councillor Newman said Brisbane had a wonderful subtropical climate
    with some of the most tempting parks and riverside stretches begging
    for people to get outside and enjoy.
    "Delivering a first-rate cycling centre in the heart of our city will
    be another step on the road to realising one of the key goals of the
    Draft CityCentre Masterplan - creating a smart thinking, pedestrian and
    cycling friendly city," Cr Newman said.

    Cr Newman said a lack of suitable storage and change facilities for the
    city's growing number of joggers, walkers and cyclists had been a major
    impediment for people who wanted to cycle or jog to work.

    "The construction of a world class end-of-trip cycling facility was one
    of my key policy initiatives and I'm delighted to work with the State
    Government in a collaborative and cooperative way to deliver important
    social and green transport infrastructure for our city and its
    visitors," Cr Newman said

    Minister Lucas said Governments at all levels were realising the
    benefits of cycling and other green modes of transport.

    "The development of an end-of-trip cycling facility is a great way to
    tackle head-on some of the 21st century's increasing community
    problems, like increasing obesity and declining health condition and
    fitness levels," Mr Lucas said.

    Mr Lucas said there were also wider benefits to the community and
    workplaces - with studies showing cyclists were generally more
    punctual, take less sick days and have increased productivity.

    "This is a win-win for workers and their employers," Mr Lucas said.

    Mr Lucas said construction of the proposed Cycle Centre would coincide
    with the construction of the final link of the Inner Northern Busway
    (INB), which is another joint project between the Brisbane City Council
    and the Queensland Government.

    "The INB will improve journey times for buses servicing the northern
    suburbs," Mr Lucas said.

    The facility, due for completion in 2008, is expected to cost about
    $4.6 million.


    Media Contacts:
    Premier's Office 3224 4500
    Minister's Office 3237 1947
    Lord Mayor's Office - Francis Quinlivan - 0408 709 160

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    This is not necessarily such a win for cyclists - employers and building developers have less reason to install bike parking and shower/change facilities because "you can use the cycle centre". Great if you have to walk five blocks after your shower[1].


    [1] I've lived in Brisbane and you get sweaty when walking five blocks...
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    I guess that is a counter, do you have planning/building codes that require such facillities is now law in Victoria, so we probably wont see such a centre anyway unless it is done by a commerical operator, which isnt a bad idea...Melb has had such bike storeage places in its early years , but they are no longer around, although there are plenty of empty, almost derelict public buildings in the inner city that could be renovated and used for storeage lockers and change facillities, plus a Pegasus Crew type shop and snacks... or is it all a dream?

    Maybe my head is still a blur after tonights ergo session...I know my quads arnt happy....