Broken Collarbone


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Oct 1, 2015
Hello guys, first time posting here.
I broke my collarbone about 40 days ago, doctor put me in a figure 8 brace.
I am supposed to take it off it 4 days, my arm feel perfectly fine but a friend noticed today that my shoulder is closer to my neck compared to the other one, but my whole side is weak and the muscles lost lots of mass, so when i start using my arm normally again and regain the lost mass, will it still look so different? anyone had the same experience?

Here are 2 x-rays:
1st day and 10th day.
(Probably in the wrong order)
I think you have to undergo therapy if you find something abnormal in that injured collarbone. I am no expert in orthopedics but I had my share of injury when I broke my arm years ago. After putting in cast for a day, I underwent an operation to connect the bone with a metal brace. After a week, I was advised to undergo therapy otherwise I may not be able to use my hand normally. But a collarbone is more delicate than the humerus (bone in the upper arm) so I guess therapy is compulsory.
Firstly I must say I'm sorry to hear about that. Just take it easy and don't pressure it. My mom also broke her collarbone when she was a little girl. She was quite a sprinter and a it seem to have been passed down to me as well, I must say. That was many years ago that she broke it and it doesn't seem like there's a noticeable difference in her collarbone area. But I guess everybody's circumstances are unique.
Oh jees.....I broke my collarbone a long time ago and I still wince whenever I hear of somebody busting it....Dang that HURT!

I did it when I was 20 years old, took about 18 months to getting to feel normal. In my case, it did not heal "square" whereas my left shoulder normally sits more forward then my right shoulder. I think it is from my injury but really do not know for sure. I can tell you that it does not make much difference after a couple decades.
Thanks for your answers guys! Yeah it hurt A LOT, i sneezed once the 2nd day i broke it, i was sure i would die of pain.

One month after i got rid of the figure 8 brace, and it feel perfectly but i can still tell the difference aesthetically.
My doctor told me i need 6 months for the muscles to come back to normal and 1 year for the lump to start getting smaller,i still have to swim to make that process faster but its fun! :D
best luck to all of you guys, hope no one will break that bone again! :)
Broken colkarbones seem to be the most common injuries for cyclists, and unfortunately it's probably one of the most painful bones you can break.

While I've never broken it myself, I know a few riders that have and its took them a long time to fully recover.
Yeah, it seems its too easy to break, i broke it falling off my bike going 1 km/h, i literally just started peddaling when my front fork got loose (my mistake when putting the bike together after painting it)

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