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Jan 6, 2023
Hi. I just broke the rear quick release on a brand new Carrera Subway 2, would anyone here know the exact name of the item to have it replaced? I took the rear wheel off to fit a mud guard and it was extremely difficult to close so I took a hammer to it.... Thanks all!


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Dec 7, 2022
If the QR is extremely difficult to close, you can just loosened the other end a bit and tried to close again.

You should never use a tool to tighten a QR. It's always hand-tightened. And when I say hand-tightened, doesn't mean you turn blue struggling to close it. Keep in mind the threaded rod holding each end of the QR is relatively thin. You can break it if the QR is too tight and the worst case scenario if it breaks during a ride.

If you're worried about the QR getting loose over time, there is much better, much safer option to zip tie the end to the frame and the fork. If the QR doesn't have a hole at the end of the lever, you can drill a small hole for the zip tie.

I really can't help you find a replacement but hopefully my reply will help prevent another broken QR or getting the QR loose during a ride.

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