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    The staff of HRS is proud to announce that today one of our senior
    staff members managed to take control of the BROLie message board
    server and shut it down. A Full TKO knockout.

    According to our dedicated HRS specialist,<em> "It was easy to do.
    The idiots at BROLie never back up data. They use cheap software
    running on a refurbished Atari computer from Goodwill. Any monkey out
    there can shut em down anytime day or night."</em>

    After the infamous FOG message board got hacked, CNBC reported that
    prescription drugs sales in the US had skyrocketed. Apparently a large
    percentage of FOGS in America had to medicate themselves into a stupor
    when they lost use of the BROLie message board.

    For his dedicated work FOKing with the BROLie servers this savvy monkey
    will be rewarded with a rare vintage Sunset recumbent and a large
    supply of bananas. At HRS we take care of our staff members when they
    perform valuable services to humanity.