Brooks Saddle


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Jun 4, 2007
i've been looking into brooks saddles and wanted to know your recomendations were as far as what style?

I'm sure it's personal feel, but what seems to be the most comfortable? i like the look of the Swallow and the Swift but not sure what the big differences are....if it helps, i'm 6-3 and around 185...

also, what colors have you all tried? I like the look of the antique brown, but i think over time the honey could age in a really cool way....any experience with this?

B17 is my choice, but to each his own. Most people love Brooks saddles after they have had them and used them for four to six months. They can be extremely uncomfortable until you have broken it in and it conforms to the shape of your posterior. Just make sure that you get one that is wide enough for you. If your LBS has a fit kit, it would be worth your while to have them find out how wide your saddle needs to be before you make up your mind on which saddle you want. If you get one that is too narrow, it will never feel comfortable.