Brooks Saddle


Jan 1, 2005
Hello All,

I know it has been brought up many times but would like to see if anyone has my experience and can make any recommendations. I have 2 herniated discs but I have been finally over the last 6 mos been able to get back on the bike. I am really doing pretty well right now but want to maximize the amount of time I can stay in the saddle. Right now I can do up to 2 hours and not too many issues but I hear such wonderful things about this saddle like riding on air that I should give it a try. I ride road bikes but really not worried about the extra weight. Just want to see if I can improve the comfort.

I tried to measure the width of my tailbones but for the life of me I can not seem to do it. I saw from other threads that is important but but when I asked my wife to help (talk about for better or worse) she told me 4 inches but that does not seem to make sense as most are sitting 160mm.

I hear the conquest, the champion with springs are amazing as I am more concerned with being able to stay in the saddle as long as possible, any recommendations.

Thank you all for reading


On a side note I heard the shock seatposts are just not good for my issue as you do more bouncing than most.