Brooks Swift Adjustment?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Slowbutsure, Oct 6, 2003.

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    May 30, 2003
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    I just purchased a Brooks Swift at the recomendation of many on the web. I selected this saddle because, I am conscious about the weight and because I think I have a narrow butt.

    On the weight, I have it on a litespeed and so have invested in weight. Dumb at the same time because I weigh 205 and bike for exercise, I am slow, climb hills and absolutely could not race if my life depended on it. My bars are about a cm below the front of the saddle and about 2 or so below the back because I have the nose perfectly level right now.

    On the narrowness, I think, but do not know, I have it right. Dimples are beginning to form (after 125 miles) righ over each rail on the saddle, so it is 2 cm in from each side.

    Now the problems:

    1. I think I am positioned right, directly on my sitbones, I feel I am right there. So much so, that my sitbones are sore the next day. Is this what goes away after "break-in"?

    2. I am very, very comfortable, even with the sitbones barking at me, when I am on the hoods. When I sit up more straight and hold the flat part of the bars, the pressure on my sit bones is in a slightly different spot and much worse.

    Is the saddle too narrow? Do I need to tilt the nose up? Do I need to grin and bear it? Other?