Bruyneel's Fines


Bestest Handsander


"Bruyneel's only regret was the inordinate number of fines he racked up
during the week. A grand total was not readily available, but in the overall
standings, Bruyneel had clearly taken top honors.

"I think after this race I am going to be a personal official sponsor to the
UCI," joked Bruyneel. "It's one of two things. Either I don't know the rules
and I don't know how to do my job, or somebody must not like me. I think I
know my job and I think I know the rules, so I'll go for the second option."

Does the UCI publish a list of infractions? I would like to see why he was
fined. I wonder if he really is being persecuted or whether he is accustomed
to getting away with a lot of things with Armstrong and he's just not used
to being treated like everyone else.