Build A Bike


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Jun 10, 2005
:) Hello,

I am new to this sight but have been into mountain biking for a while but have recently decided to take it more seriously and start to make sure that i go quite regualrly.

My main question is this, at the moment i have a standard dual suspension bike £180 off the shelf get me through job. However for next year i am gonna look at getting a bit more up to date, decent frame, brakes the works. I do however enjoy knowing how the things i use go together and therefore am interested in buying the parts and making my own custom bike.

I feel that this is not going to be too difficult a task as i am quite technically minded and will enjoy the challenge, however as i have not done it before i am gonna need some help.

So does anyone know off any How to build books or websites that give step by step instruction of all components needed and how to assemble them correctly.

Any help would be much appreciated .