Building A Bike From Scratch


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Aug 4, 2013
Been thinking of building a bike from scratch. I know it's not as cost effective as buying an already built one, but it'll be a fun experience. Wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations of what kind of frame or brand of frame or even to look for in that aspect. Thanks in advance.
What kind of frame or brand? That would be something only you can answer. You'd have to find what band and frame fits you best. If I told you to get a Trek frame because it fits me like a glove, it may not fit you the same.
I like your attitude of wanting the experience. I have rebuilt a few bikes, it is really worth it to learn the ins and outs. Makes you appreciate the process and respect the bike more, IMO. If you are interested in looking for used gear, check out Panjo, the used bike marketplace recently launched. Might find something good.
Most DIY sites outline on how you can make your bike depending on your required wheel size. After knowing the wheels size then you will have to review on different frames depending on your budget. Don't just go for any frame brand. I remember to have made my frame from bamboo which might not be your test, but I suggest you try it out.
It's definitely a fun experience. My dad used to work in a bike shop (and was a cycling fan his whole life) and he wanted to teach me how to build a bike when I was 8. Of course, I was too young to understand and remember everything, but it has been one of the best and most fun experiences I remember and I used some of the advice he gave me years later when I built my first bike. This could also be a great memory be because my dad died few years later and I don't have that many memories of him.
I think it depends of what kind of bike you want. If it's just something simple to ride around town, then maybe look for a used, out of shape bike which you can play with first, just to see if you even like the whole process. Maybe there's some kind of gathering nearby where you live, where people come to buy and sell old bikes and components, try to find a bargain deal there. It might be harder now that the cycling season is out, but still worth a notice.
You can get a Lynskey R150 titanium frame for $1,250, see:

Or a Motobecane titanium frame for just $999 and it comes with a fork although the fork is not very stiff, see:

Of the two the Lynskey is the better frame and it's made in America and not China, but the Motobecane is very well made, I have a friend who has one and for the money of a fully loaded ready to ride bike it can't be beat. You can get a full Dura Ace Motobecane for just $2,999. The Lynskey also has the curved rear stays for more shock and vibration absorption; with the Lynskey you can select which fork to use depending on purpose.

There are hundreds of frames you can get, we could go nuts showing all the possibilities, I suggested just two because I like titanium, it's easy to care for, will easily last your lifetime, never go out of style, and very comfortable riding.
That is actually cool of you wanting to build it from scratch. I believe it would be a good experience too. I don't really know much about bikes though.
Building a bike yourself can be a rewarding experience but I also think it's important to know that it can be expensive aswell.

A lot of people say that to build a bike yourself from scratch, look at the average price you'd pay for a bike off the shelf, and then double it. That gives you some idea as to what price you'll be spending.