Building my dream bike.

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    As I said in a previous post, last spring I decided that I wanted/needed a bike that I don't already have.
    What I had in mind was a (mostly) road bike with flat bars, fatter tires, and 1X11-12 gearing.
    I figured it would be hard to find an off the shelf bike that fit the bill, and I was right..
    To make a very long story short, I gave up on finding an off the shelf bike and decided I'd need to build up a frame.
    I emailed Competitive Cyclist with my proposal. To, again, make a very long story short, they put one of their custom build experts on the job. He did a miraculous job. After a couple component switches, because of things being out of stock or not available in the size I want, we ended up with what I think it going to be a really nice bike for only slightly more than my budget, which was only $4,500. We ended up at closer to $4,700. Still pretty darn good for what I'm getting.
    What am I getting? An IBIS Hakka MX carbon frame, Easton carbon cranks, Reynolds carbon wheels, SRAM Force shifting and an assortment of other carbon and alloy components.
    I toyed with the idea of a Niner Air 9 frame with a Niner rigid carbon fork, built up with all MTB components. That idea still appeals to me. If I were rich, I'd build up that bike too and see which I prefer. Could be the ultimate gravel bike or a superlight MTB. Suspension forks are heavy..

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    Sounds like a nice bike! Just curious why you didn't go with a road bike. Do you ride it off road?