Bullet Proof Derailleur Housing

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by Paul Kopit, May 27, 2004.

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    Alligator Bullet Proof Cable Housing

    $2/ft, min 5' plus $2 shipping USA. Ferrules, $1 for 6. Will cut to
    bicycle length, i.e. 2x 1' and 1x1' or your specification. This will
    work for a STI or Campy road bike.


    "A bulletproof-like housing structure strengthened with a body armor
    of aluminum spiral shell and reinforced with Kevlar® fiber reduces the
    compression of the housing to give you the ultimate responsiveness
    when braking or shifting.."

    Picture <http://www.alligatorcables.com/images/drawings/kevlar.gif>

    The housing is 5 mm and ranks alongside Campy, which was the best
    housing I use.

    Brake housing by same company, $1/ft., min 5'.