Burley & Burley on first tour together

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by bentcruiser, May 20, 2003.

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    Apr 18, 2003
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    Hello again all,

    I thought I might give a report on the road test for my Burley Canto pulling the Burley Nomad. I have the Canto setup in the SWB format and have now pulled two different trailers with it: a BOB and a Burley.

    The Tulsa Bicycle Club has a sub-group called the Gypsy Road Roamers who is a self-contained group that does small weekend trips (one per month) and one four day trip in the fall.

    I was a bit concerned starting out because I had read so much on various groups about the added resistance of the second trailer wheel and the fact the Nomad wheel only takes 40 psi. Well that was completely untrue. I averaged a 2-3mph faster pulling the Burley. The Burley's near zero tongue weight is a big improvement to me over the BOB.

    The cargo area is absolutely a delight and extremely easy to pack. It has a really neat mesh divider that has pockets. The tonneau cover is also tight and fairly waterproof (though there are other area for the water to come in). BOB's advantage, IMHO is the complete waterproof bag they have now. But I both some waterproof see through bags and they work just as well.

    Overall. I LOVE this trailer. If you are planning on buying a trailer, I highly recommend the Burley Nomad!!!


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