Business shaly?

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Christopher Jor

2 posts got me wondering; where is this business going? With about 60 (so far) readers on this list-
if every one of them bought a bent in 1 year, then stopped, after overhead costs- 1 year or less
might be the way of the future.

I was considering returning to this form of employment since one LBS proudly advertises more
recumbents than any shop in Santa Cruz county, and they did not have a single one (or even a Pesta
valve adapter, for that matter).

I could easily trounce them financially! I sold my Thebis yestersay.

I do not want to be another false advertiser, but I don't want to lose my shirt either!

Chris Jordan (more bents in my garage than ANY Santa Cruz business)
I am sure the readers, and especially posters, of this newsgroup or any list comprise only a tiny
fraction of the existing, much less potential, market. Perhaps I am not understanding your post.

David Luecke Ridin' a RANS Vivo (wahoo!) Merritt Island, Florida USA
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