busted 8speed STI shifter - Options ?


New Member
Nov 28, 2002
hello - i have Shimano 600 STI shifters on my road bike and the 8 speed one has busted. I am trying to avoid buying brand new Sora 8 speed shifters because the bike aint worth all that much.<br />Is it likely I will ever source a used one from somewhere, or is it likely I could buy a used set of 9 speed shifters and 9 speed cassette/groupset etc.<br />any other options ?<br />cheers for any info ???
9 speed stuff is pretty cheap.....you could always try ebay? or even place an add in our classifieds forum?<br /><br />cheers
Try luking around a few bike shops, they usually have a box of old parts. Wear your oldest clothes and try to look hungry, then maybe they'll help you. ;D

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