"but I already knew without a doubt what I had"

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    Subject: Re: Self-appointed authorities
    Date: 1999/03/11
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    >On 10 Mar 1999, JDrew63929 wrote:
    >> I am so glad to hear of all the many things you are doing
    >> to help others. I should not judge all athesists because
    >> of my brother's actions

    AF responded:With all due respect, your brother sounds like
    a jerk. Don't judge all
    >PhD atheist males by his one example. That would seem to be
    >a reasonably Christian position, right?

    AGREED!! Right, as already stated.

    >. Most people who *believe* they have parasitic infections
    > solely on the basis of quack medical advice like Hulda
    > Clark's are probably delusional, even (especially) if
    > they think they "see" the parasties in their feces. But
    > the question can easily be settled by getting a good lab
    > analysis of your

    Even if they think they "see" parasites in their feces.
    Uncalled for AF, doesn't take a PhD degree to know what
    parasites are. I have a good lab analysis, but I already
    knew without a doubt what I had, not from just seeing, all
    my symptoms matched the reasearch I had read.

    As for all the other jargon in your message, I will dismiss
    it, it seems rather impossible to "prove" anything to you.
    I'll leave that to God.




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