buy now $295 new swb?????

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Hey...another weekend ahead.... It is that "Rafael SWB" from Bogota Colombia again. A very very Poor
Mans RANS. I loved the line in the advert....ideal for Senior Citizens who cannot ride a DF. I
cannot even imagine some little old senior too frail to manage a DF clicking into the pedals of a
SWB and riding off into the sunset. Rafael sent me an Email Xmas greeting...yeah like I celebrated
Xmas, Xmas is just another exuse Bob Cratchet to rob a man blind....bah humbug.
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[q1]> looks kinda like a rip off[/q1]
Well I've been thinking about adding a SWB recumbent to my stable, so I emailed a guy who had
purchased one of those SWB and asked him his opinion of it. Here is a snip of what he wrote back...

"The price is too good to be true. I had to take the bike to a cycle shop to tune it. The shop
owner said that the gears were 30 year old technology. They don't shift that well and the brakes
are not good quality. The seat is plywood with a little foam over the wood. One of the inner
tubes was bad and the valve was also non functioning. This style of bike is very dangerous to
ride and it took me a while to get use to the unstable handling so if you buy one be careful at
first. I do like the recumbent style and will probably try and get one locally soon. My advice
is spend the money on a quality bike and I think you will be pleased. "

Brian RANS Tailwind
In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] says...
[q1]> Does the bike really have the drive train on the left side, or has someone been playing with their[/q1]
[q1]> photo editing software ?[/q1]

If you look at both pictures, you will notice that the bike has a drive train on both left and right
side a truly unique design for only $295.

Cletus D. Lee Bacchetta Giro Lightning Voyager
- Bellaire, TX USA -
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