Buy the extended warranty!!!!

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Clydesdalemtb, Jun 22, 2003.

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    ClydesdaleMTB <[email protected]> spoke thusly...

    Perhaps it is safe, IIRC, most laptops have a fairly waterproof membrane keyboard due to "coffee"
    spills and whatnot. should be alright aside from a rather pissy smell.

    if you do send it in for service, pop out the hard drive (unless it is the problem). i have found
    that a lot of the service centers seem to find it amusing to format the hard drive, regardless of
    need. if they complain because they have to replace the entire unit, tell 'em to send the new one
    without a hard drive then (assuming exact same model laptop). Like i always told HP (back in darker
    days of computing), "it's my data, the hard drive is fine. there is no need whatsoever that you need
    this hard drive. plug in a stock hard drive if you need too to test, but this one is mine, and this
    is my data, and i will not make it available for public display".

    But i may just be a bit paranoid ;-)
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