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Oct 30, 2002
Not sure which forum is correct to put this in, hopefully this is the right one. Just wanted to tell other cyclists of a bad experience with I just bought 2 SRAM cassettes for their online price of $34.98 each. They arrived quickly, and also included was their current catalog. Opening the catalog, I saw the same cassettes for $29.98 each, so I read with interest their low-price guarantee, "30-day Price Protection, Find it for less? We'll refund the difference up to 30 days after your purchase." I emailed them back immediately and got a response from Frank. He said the $34.98 price stands. Last week I found these cassettes at Performance during their Year-end Inventory reduction sale - $29.95 each. I emailed frank again and he said the price stands. BUYER BEWARE. Price Point does not back their prices.
WOW! I'd return them and get your $$ back. If they give you problems, contact your CC company and they'll back you up.

good luck!