Buyer Beware


Corey Green

Let's add this to the pot of mystery. Read his add and it is confusing as to whether you get a
fork or not.

"There are no dents, or dings or any other damage anywhere on the frame or fork."

But, when you email asking for pictures of the fork you get: "I had advertised a Wound-up with it
last week but had little interest. I have already sold that fork this week. So the auction is for
just the frame and headset."

To many inconsistencies in this guys story to give him a break.

>No offense, but i think it is kind of unfare to post a "buyer beware"
>on this guy when he has 100% positive feedback with 25 transactions.

>> Don't know if he ever sells on this newsgroup, but since many of
>> folks who trade here also trade on Ebay, I thought I'd pass this along.
>> I spotted a Dean frame for sale ( )
>> and decided to ask the seller if he was the original owner.
>> His response: "YES, I am the original owner. The frame was built
>> me last year. It is 1 of 10 DEAN built for our team."
>> Funny thing, in his 'ratings' you can see where the guy who sold it
>> him posted a review.
>> Funnier still, I sold it to the guy who sold it to him. It just so happens that the seller is
>> right, it was 1 of 10 built for a
>> team last year. But, it was built for me, not him.
>> Beware of 'bicyclestreet' on Ebay. His email: [email protected]
>> I'm not sure I'd trust much of what he had to say in a description
>> any item he's selling.
>> Scott