Buying a bicycle for touring, and selling it at the end of your tour?

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    If you have doubts about renting a bicycle (e.g. you start and end your trip in 2 different cities, or you need it for three weeks, so the rental price would even be higher than a fresh Decathlon bike :D), then selling it at the end of your trip is worth considering. But it needs some preparation.

    Ending your trip in a large city, the day before there's a local market day where second hand bicycles are sold is a good idea. Or contacting your final host and inform him that you will sell the bikes at arrival. In that case the host can inform his circle of friends.

    Anyway you will receive more money back if you can sell it to a private person, than from a bicycle shop retailer.

    Some addresses:

    In Ghent (Belgium), a second hand bicycle market is held every sunday morning at the 'Oude Beestenmarkt'.
    Also in Ghent, two times a year in may and september, private people and students come together at the 'Woodrow Wilsonplein' to sell or buy old bicycles (especially children's bikes, for evident reasons). Next time is on sunday 18th of september 2010, between 9 and 12 am.
    If you want to know the dates for 2011 (not published yet), google 'tweedehandsfietsenmarkt+Gent+2011' and you will see the exact moments.

    In Brussels, every tuesday and sunday morning along the Zuidlaan/Avenue du Midi.
    In Ukkel (Uccle, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium) private people gather twice a year in june and october at the 'Sint-Jobsplein/Place Saint-Job' to buy and sell used bikes.

    In Nijmegen (Netherlands) at the 'Waalkade', this year at the 18th of september.

    If you know other local initiatives, please reply to this thread!