Buying a bike in Europe and sending it back to Australia

super dog

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Jul 10, 2005
Later in the year I am heading to Europe for a cycling holiday. I thought I would buy myself a nice bike over there and send it home. Insure, pack it in a good box and chuck it on a ship.

Anyone have ideas on costs involved?
I assume I will get better much value for money on a bike in Europe? If so which countries?
Or am I better off just buying a new bike here in Australia?

I have not thought about what sort of bike yet I just want to see if this is a doable and afforable option. Altho I would not mind trying out on of the BMCs.
Super Dog, I'm considering the same and theoretically you should save money. I have spoken to Aust Customs, airlines and some EU bikeshops. I’m plan to buy the bike in the EU and then bring it home to Aust on the plane as luggage. You need to consider the following costs/deductions when looking at the EU bike prices.

a) VAT (GST) refund. If the bike is bought by a tourist returning home, outside of the EU, you should be entitled to a VAT refund (up to 25% depending on country). See for rates and check the rules for applying for the refund.

b) Depreciation for a used bike. Aust customs allows you to depreciate the purchase price by 20% if ridden OS for up to 3 months. Check with Aust customs.

c) Aust customs charge of 10% GST if the purchase price of the bike is over Aust$900 less depreciated amount.

d) Airline baggage costs returning home to Aust. Check with your airline on rules, restrictions and costs. eg KLM charge 80 euro 1 way from the EU for a bike.

e) Aditional insurance costs to cover if you have an accident or if your bike is lost or stolen. Some travel insurance does not cover bikes. Check!

The other things to consider.
· What warranty or service is available in Australia for your frame or parts and what you can do if you crack a frame etc. Is it worth getting a bike in the EU that is also sold in Australia.?

· Know your prices and bike specs before you go over.

· Check my facts.

· Not sure what the postage or insurance costs will be.