Buying Colnago carbonissimo --> which one?? See photos.


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Jan 29, 2004
I want to buy the Colnago Carbonissimo frameset but can't decide which color I like most. Here are pictures from internet of both colors. Tell me which one you like most and the reason....

I think the LX37 silver/black is very nice, but it looks a bit poshy.

LX37 color (natural carbon color with silver): lx37 2.jpg

ooF color (natural carbon with yellow accents). groot.jpg

I have a Record groupset, Bora G3 wheels, Alanera handlebar, San Marco Era Composite seatpost here ready for the bike. This is how the components I want to install on the bike, look like:

Bora wheels: campagnolo_bora_g3_hg.htm


Saddle: Saddle.jpg

I like the ooF color (natural carbon with yellow accents) - but you better send it to me so I can have a closer look. I promise i will send it back!