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Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by danijo, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    Hey guys this is my first thread, joined up after seeing the amount of knowledge and help you guys give others.

    I am interested in buying my first road bike (I'm 19, have not riden a bike again since around 14) for some general fitness and mainly because I want to get into social triathlon races.

    I've been scouring the net for info on how to tell a good bike, but am still quite confused.
    I am looking to spend around the 1000 mark on the bike, as I know it will get a quite bit more with helmet and other things I will need (not even sure what I will need yet!)

    A couple of bikes I've been looking at are (I am also 173cm but unsure of my inseam length, confused by how to do it, so I assume I'll be looking for a 'small' bike)

    Is this a good bike to consider? I know 105>Tiagra>Sora>2200, but am not sure on what the weak points of this bike are.

    I've found a couple of other bikes that are mainly tiagra, and are around 200 less, is it worth the upgrade?

    Also, what are the main things I should be looking for when I am picking a bike? Like type of frame, wheels? Bit bamboozled, there's alot to know

    Cheers in advance

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    The main thing you should be looking at when selecting a bike is FIT. If the bike doesn't fit, at best, you won't want to ride it. At worst, it will cause injury. So, I recommend heading down to your LBS and trying out different bikes on the road. You'll figure out what you like and what you don't like, what fits and what doesn't.

    Worth the upgrade to 105? Maybe. 105 is pretty good stuff. Not the best, but still good. What you need to figure out is if this is really truly a starter bike, to get you into the sport, and give you a chance to figure out what your really really want in a bike, then it probably isn't worth paying for 105. However, if you want this bike to suit your needs as you develop/grow in the sport, then I would recommend going with 105 (or higher).

    In terms of what else you will need (it's a lot. . . ):
    Shorts (with padding)
    Lights if you might be riding in the dark
    Saddle bag (with tubes, CO2/inflator, tire levers) - or a frame pump instead of CO2
    Floor pump
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    Hi Danijo,

    I would have to agree with Caliocat about purchasing a new bike. The buget you have set yourself is ok for a lower end bike which I wouldn't recommend if you are going to do tri's. A lower end bike is ok if you are just going back and forth tho work etc but I would also go for Shamino 105 as a minimum on your running gear. The best bet is shop around, talk to some of the bike shop guys and gain some knowledge before making your purchase. I did and gained heaps of experience and learnt about many things I hadn't even considered. You'll know the guys who know what there on about and the one's who are full of it. Aslo ask when the model range is coming out, for example Giant bike range is financial year to financial year, so the 2011 stock should now be in your local store and you'll find if they have any 2010 stock you'll save money. In addition don't take the advertised price for the price, ask what is the best deal you can get. My Giant TCR Advance 1 is retailed at $3999.00 and I picked it up for $3400.00.

    Being 175cm you should have a good opportunity to pick up a floor stock bike for alot cheaper than normal. As for size of frame, get that professionally fitted and save yourself heaps of money and grief. I made the mistake of buying a few ill fitting bikes and had to sell and buy losing money. If I listened to what is online I should be an XL frame, however I went and spoke to my local bike shop guy Craig who know's his bikes and I am now riding a large frame. It all came down to the type of riding I was doing and with a few minor adjustments, it's the best bike I've owned. Don't buy a tri specific bike either as most local cycle clubs wont let you ride with them and it's a great thing to do. If you want tri bars just purchase some clip on one's.

    Like Calico Cat said, there are so many extra's you require on your bike and you will want for your bike. My advice is shop around online, compare prices before buying, look at ebay (not always cheaper so beware). Also be aware that if you are competing you require Australian Standard approved helmet, you will need to fit these to your head as well because as I found out they are all different too.

    You may want to buy a new seat for your bike too as a comfort thing, don't listen to all the hype and pay $200 - $300 for one, I have a velo cushy seat which is $50.00 and is the best seat I have owned. It may not look as flash as some but who care's. If however you do get wrapped up in the hype, you can trial seats from bike stores. Sometimes you have to pay a small non refundable deposit, but it save wasting $300.00. There is a website online that you pay $300.00 and you can try as many seats as you want over a 3 month period and then they use the $300 to pay for your chosen seat.

    Here are a few ofter websites to have a look at; Independantly insure your bike Great for those little things like bottle cages Brought heaps form Paul, they often have Netti Clothing sales. I think the best compression clothing Terrific Bike Shorts Australian Cycling website Tri Australia website They offer a prepurchase frame sizing.

    Good luck with the purchase, don't be in a hurry to purchase.

    Regards Scott