By-product GMOS with Deadly Consequences




On The Brink Of GMO Disaster Exclusive By Robert Cohen [email protected] 2-7-4

On The Brink of a GMO Disaster

Americans are walking along the cutting edge blade of an environmental apocalypse.

On Wednesday, February 4, 2004, I received the damning evidence that confirms Monsanto's crime
against humankind. Thirty hours of non-stop research and confirmation later supports the magnitude
of Monsanto's crime against humankind.

The FDA is a co-conspirator because Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone should
have been immediately banned from the market upon receipt of this news, which will be revealed in
this column.

I have just received the results of my Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was made a few
days before Christmas, 2003. On the day I filed that request, I also spoke with a number of FDA
bureaucrats. I smelled a cover-up of major proportion at FDA and wrote:

"Will I get to the truth? You bet. One way or another..."

I predicted:

"Mark down this date, 12/19/03."

This may very well be the defining moment that ends the use of genetically engineered foods in
America's food."

For my entire column, see:

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FDA finally responded to my FOIA request by intentionally ignoring my actual request and sending me
non-relevant information about an incident that occurred many years earlier. See:

< >

I could not stand it anymore. I called the person in charge at FDA, Glo Dunnavan, and said:

"I no longer give a damn about working with the FDA. I give up. You win. The American people lose."
I invited you, my readers, to kick me in the butt. My column:

I then called the FDA Ombudsman, Marcia Larkins and voiced my frustration. She called me the next
day to tell me that she would handle my FOIA request. After telling her not to bother, and after her
insisting that she would, I hung up the phone, expecting very little.

On January 30, 2004, I received a warning that represented a threat to my well being. I wrote a
column the next day, responding to that threat:

"I have been threatened, and my enemies can go to hell. They will read this, and know that there
will be many witnesses to any future coincidences. You, my readers, are an insurance policy that may
or may not have matured to its full term...I will not turn my back on the children. So, I continue
my course. Full speed ahead."

My entire column:

Four days after writing and posting that column, I received an envelope from FDA confirming my worst
fears. My FOIA request. Truth, at last. The entire request cost me $18.30. This revelation shall
cost Monsanto and its stockholders considerably more.

The most damning evidence can be found in observation number 1, filed by an FDA investigator after
inspecting Monsanto's rebombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST or Posilac) production facility at
Biochemisetrasse 10, Kundl, Austria.


"There is a failure to thoroughly review the failure of a batch or any of its components to meet any
of its specifications whether or not the batch has been thoroughly distributed."

"Specifically, the corrective actions implemented after the investigation of nine sterility failures
reported > since 2001 (3 for 2001, 3 for 2002, and 3 for 2003) for Posilac injection or for the
lyophilized active ingredient (Sometribove zinc) have not been effective in preventing reoccurrence.
In five instances (2 for 2001, 1 for 2002, and 2 for 2003) the organism was identified as
Propionibacterium acnes; Staphylococcus species have been > identified in three instances and in one
instance (in 2002) Bacillus pumilus was found. Propionibacterium was found in environmental samples
of the manufacturing areas. Batches manufactured around the same period of time and under the same
conditions of the affected lots have been released to the market."


"Equipment for adequate control over micro-organisms is not provided when appropriate for the
manufacture, processing, packing or holding of a drug product."

As Jeff Goldbloom said to Geena Davis in the classic horror film, The Fly (1986): "Be scared, be
very scared."

The first attempt to produce a new food by pretending to understand God's genetic code resulted in a
new kind of milk, supersaturated with powerful growth hormones. FDA lied to America, claiming that
milk had not changed. That was the beginning.

At the end of the twentieth century, biotechnology produced another new food, made by re-combining
genetic material from deepwater fish living in cold water with a gene from a potato, hoping to grow
a new variety of potato in cold weather. A similar attempt at producing the "Flavor-Saver" tomato
produced a variety of tomato that looked great, but lacked flavor.

With this latest FOIA request, we learn the answer to the query, "What hath God wrought?" Humankind
will now be asking, "What hath man wrought?" > It has been well reported that a new emerging species
of bacteria has developed, immune to antibiotic treatment. Staphylococcus aureus plagues many
American hospitals in this new outbreak. Could the etiology of the mother of all deadly Staph
infections be traced to a new genetically engineered version of Staph, a superbug inadvertently
produced by Monsanto and then introduced into the food supply?

In 1989, such Staphyloccus infections were unknown to hospitals. By 2002, nearly two-thirds of all
hospital infections could be attributed to antibiotic-resistant Staphlococcus infections.

A second bacterium on FDA's (once) secret report reveals that Posilac samples were found to contain
Bacillus pumilus. This bacterium degrades cellulose. What would be the result of genetically
engineering something that breaks down the heartiest of plant cells with a cow hormone? As my dear
departed Grandma Ruth used to say, "God only knows."

A third bacterium found was identified as Propionibacterium acnes (P-acnes). What the heck is P-
acnes? An Internet search revealed:

"P. acnes is the causative agent of acne vulgaris (pimples)... Other infections for which P. acnes
has been implicated include corneal ulcers, heart valves and prosthetic devices, and central nervous
system shunts. A rare heart disease known as Propionibacterium acnes endocarditis has been
discovered in a prosthetic valve infected with
P. acnes. The valve was also complicated by multiple mycotic aneurysms."

Will Monsanto's genetically engineered version be giving America's teenagers super-zits?

I am not a microbiologist. I am just a plain old guy who has predicted that these genetically
engineered Frankenfoods might one day produce an environmental disaster. That day has arrived.

> Robert Cohen