C.C.M. Formula 1 Ten Speed

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    Hello, I recently purchased a C.C.M. 10 Speed "Formula One" . It appears to be from the 1970`s
    It has a Reynolds 531 Tube Frame. Huret Front Derailleur and Allvit on the rear .
    Rims are marked "ARAYA 27X11/4w/c HP". The brakes are center-pull and appear to have the ARAYA mark, but no name.The saddle is brown leather rivited with no apparent markings. The brake levers look like dia-comp but are un-marked. Other than the handle-bars and rims most of the components look to be pretty decent quality.
    I have not been able to locate another "Formula 1" C.C.M. I would like to know if these bikes are rare? I do live in the U.S. so I know they are rare here.

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    Probably not (but, perhaps, my response will prompt someone else to chime in) ...

    The components you described are rather pedestrian ... if they are original to the bike, then they suggest a bike sold in the early 70s, or late 60s. The components you describe were commonly found on low-to-mid range bikes, so that suggests that thousands of the C.C.M. Forumula 1 were probably produced.

    What crankset does the bike have? A cottered crankset OR a cotterless crankset? If the latter, what brand?

    If the components had been of a "higher" grade (e.g., Campagnolo OR high-zoot Huret or Simplex or ______), then it might suggest a more limited production bike.

    Nonetheless, 100+ years from now, if the bike survives, it could become rare -- or, at least, a rarity -- so, don't count on re-selling it to pay for tuition, the rent/mortgage, or a car payment any time in the near future.

    BUT, having said all of that, it is probably a pretty nice frame that can be easily updated with contemporary components OR the bike can be ridden, as is.

    FWIW. The difference in weight between YOUR bike's steel frame & a high-zoot, modern bike is two-to-three lbs. (between 1 & 1.5 kilograms). The difference in weight between the fork on your bike & a carbon fiber fork is about a pound (1/2 kilogram). Your bike might weigh 24-to-28 lbs ... a modern bike may weigh 18-to-19 pounds (some do weigh less). If you do the arithmetic, you'll see that there has been a dramatic weight reduction in the components AND updating your bike with contemporary components & wheels will reduce the weight by about 5+ lbs if THAT matters (it does to some people [e.g., "weight weenies"]).