Cable Routing on a Deda Synapsi

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by puma, Feb 24, 2004.

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    Jul 23, 2003
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    Hello. I've got a deda synapsi bar with campy ergo levers that I'm in the process of installing and wondering how anyone here who owns one or has experience with them or comparable one has routed the cables through/along the bar for clean looks and function. The dedas have a large groove on the underside of the bar for cable routing but I'm unsure of how to secure them there. I've considered running the bar tape along the the entire bar (just as with any traditional bar) with the cables taped throughout underneath, but this covers up the carbon beauty and labeling of the bar. I've considered drilling holes in the bar, much like the cinelli ram (click for *slow* site with images but am unsure of whether this will weaken the bar or just isn't appropriate. And lastly I've considered superglueing some sort of tabs (perhaps wheatherstripping on along the grooves, but not sure how that will turn out. Any and all suggestions welcome, perhaps some pictures of the bars with the cables routed would be nice. Thanks.