Cables: RideOn Goretex v Transfil v Nokon v Shimano v Avid...



Just looking at brake and gear cables and bewildered by the options
available, so hoping for a pointer or two.

Obviously, I'd like to spend as little money as possible, but I don't
mind spending a bit extra if it means I get genuine quality (by which I
mean improved performance/longevity). The cables are to go on a bike
that is used in all weather conditions (for commuting and audaxing, ie
not off-road), so reasonable durability and weatherproofing is required
- though since all the decent quality cables these days seem to be
stainless steel and teflon coated, the weatherproofing is probably less
of an issue.

I like the look of the RideOn Goretex cables, and scouring the archive
I see that Pete Biggs says they are "the dog's nadgers" [sic] so I'm
very tempted by them. But they aren't cheap. And what's this "fibre
optic technology" guff? Sounds like rabid marketing spiel to me, which
tends to put me off.

I also like the look of the Transfil Flying Snake cables
(carbon/kevlar, get you), similarly priced and claim to be
weatherproof. Anyone have any experience of these? Can't find any
references in the archives.

One of my club colleagues has recently had his bike fitted with Nokon
cables, and I must say they look... well, splendid is the only word for
it. But he is a poser and has done it more for looks than any practical
reason. From a performance point of view, are they really worth the
cost? Are they that much better than conventional cables? I'll probably
not go for this option, purely on cost grounds.

As for Shimano's own brand cables, what are the practical differences
between the "standard" versions and the ones badged Dura Ace? There's a
significant price difference between them, but neither Wiggle nor
Parker provide much in the way of in-depth spec. Would the DA ones be
the teflon/stainless kind of thing? And does that mean that the
"standard" ones are prone to rust?

And while I'm at it, I might as well ask about Avid Flak Jackets too...
any takers?

Any thoughts/recommendations much appreciated.