Cadence/Form drills, measuring results

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    I've been doing form drills over the last 6 weeks. Simple workout I've been doing is warmup, then 8 x 3 min on/3 min off of high rpm cadence, low rpm cadence, and one legged drills. My previous max cadence I could hold was about 125 rpm. Today, I hit my best at 154. I usually start a 3 minute rep around 120 and build to 135 halfway through then hold and aim for 140 by the end, but I pushed more today to see how high I could get and that was 154. I was just on the cusp of bouncing so I'd say it was a good max. My one legged drills are same duration, I used to have trouble doing them because I seem to have a dead spot in my stroke and the drills have helped that. Still have work to do but I see the results on the trainer. What I need are some ideas on are how to measure gains on the bike, during real world riding. I consider the trainer the lab, and more often than not, the lab produces different results than the real world. Anyone gone through similar workouts and noticed gains in some way? Other than getting better at the workouts, I'm not sure how to measure gains. Thanks all, 10k