Calf cramps


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Jul 24, 2003
I have carried out a couple of competitive rides recently, one a 25m TT and the other a 50k off-road, where I have suffered from cramping in my calves (starts in left but then both). I regularly cycle hard, long distance and for 6+ hours and have never had this problem before. I don't believe that my diet is deficient in Sodium, Potassium etc and in neither case was it particularly hot or was I sweating a lot. However both times I drank very little for about an hour, in the TT because I wasn't carrying any and in the off-road because I was concentrating too much on staying on the bike (although I had a Camelbak) The off-road was a two stage event going on to 90k, I had to pull out because of the problem which depressed me not a little as I was going reasonably well. Any advice with this little conundrum :confused: warmly appreciated


Benny bum drops

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Aug 19, 2003
if you're taking creatine stop, it encourages cramps and probably won't help in longer rides.

Otherwise have you changed shoes or shoe plate position recently? Both could set up muscle strains/imbalances.

You say you weren't drinking much, we've had some hot weather, could you just have got dehydrated like is so so easy. Proper hydration is essential in tt's and cross country races. Including something like isostar, with salts, in your drink can help too, especially on the hot days.

Stretching your calves is essential too, cycling tends to shorten them, in long rides take the time to ease them if you have some freewheeling time, and make sure you stretch them when you stretch in between normal training.