Call for an Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney

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    Call for an Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney,
    Get Congress to Take Action

    Sign our online Petition and read below for more information:


    Ok Michael, you've had your realpolitik fling with ex-General Wesley
    Clark. Your endorsed Presidential candidate in the Democratic Primaries
    has withdrawn. It is time for you to come home, to join your buddies and
    resume your only genuine role which is that of defiance and resistance.
    Compliance and assistance with the Democrats does not accord with your
    past, your character, your bold writings and, most memorably, your long
    corrosive assaults on the Party that betrayed the working classes and
    plunged our country into corporate globalization. Remember, Michael,
    you're the flinty man from Flint, Michigan. You've never forgotten your
    roots. The heady Hollywood, Manhattan scene with the celebrities and
    Academy Awards have never gotten to your head but rather have gotten
    into your deserving pockets. How we all recall your standing before one
    billion people in Los Angeles at the televised Academy Awards in 2003
    and, breaking the customary cant of the awardees, throwing the gauntlet
    down to George W. Bush and his "fictitious" war mongering.

    Now the War has become a quagmire, with both Republicans and Democrats
    complicit (check the votes in Congress). The Draft may be on the way. So
    what are you doing going on the Al Franken Show very nearly breaking
    down when Al Gore (he of the pro NAFTA/GATT, anti-worker, regime-change,
    Iraq-bombing, lethal sanctions on half a million children
    Administration) called and thought you were apologizing. You have
    nothing to apologize for, Michael. Gore has a lot to apologize
    for-blowing the election he won in Florida and the country as a whole
    and for blowing, with Bill Clinton, the many opportunities the
    rich-booming Nineties and the collapse of the Soviet Union gave this
    country to turn a peace dividend into a pro-worker, pro-environment,
    pro-consumer and anti-poverty resurgence.

    Come back and join our Presidential campaign, Michael. Talk to those
    "Reagan Democrats"-those 35% of union members who still vote Republican
    and against their own interests-as only you can. Michael, if you go
    pumping for the Democratic Party this year, just what are you going to
    say to the unemployed steelworkers near Sparrows Point in Maryland? To
    the megathousands of laid off textile and furniture workers in North and
    South Carolina? To the abandoned auto workers waiting and waiting near
    their empty factories that went to repressive countries? To the millions
    of blue-collar workers, who fought our wars, only to learn that the two
    parties won't fight for their company pensions and health insurance? Are
    you going to tell them how the Democratic Party pushed through the WTO,
    let their pensions erode or disappear, were too busy collecting checks
    from the corporate bosses to pay attention to the corporate crime wave
    that looted and drained trillions of dollars from millions of workers,
    their retirement and small investments? Will you tell them that the
    cowardly Democrats, who couldn't win the fewer elections they are now
    not losing without the labor vote, won't even mount a determined drive
    to repeal the notorious, union-blocking Taft Hartley Act?

    How can you be free to be what you are, or to depress Bush's vote, to
    jolt into consciousness the moribund Democratic Party?

    Hey Dude, join your real buddies! The ones you may be thinking about
    just don't fit either your message, your vision, or our website

    Come back home Michael. The workers and the youth of America are looking
    for you.

    Best regards,
    Ralph Nader

    P.S. Will you put this invitation on your website and see how your fans
    react to Michael Moore returning to the Nader 2004 presidential
    campaign? Patti Smith will reserve a big singing spot, for you, on the
    stage for the customary finale, PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER.

    Wednesday April 14, 2004

    Join the Call for an Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney
    Help us Get Congress to Take Action

    You can help the call for an impeachment inquiry of President Bush and
    Vice President Dick Cheney. Sign our online Petition.

    George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be impeached for two reasons:

    They led the United States into an illegal, unconstitutional war in Iraq.
    They misled the Congress and the American people with five falsehoods that led to war.

    All it takes is one Member of the House of Representatives to call for
    an Impeachment Inquiry to start the process to investigate the two
    grounds. If the House then votes by a simple majority for Articles of
    Impeachment, the Senate would then undertake a trial of the President
    and Vice President. They would only be convicted, and impeached, if
    two-thirds of the Senate agrees.


    co-founder of NCPPF was the recently indicted terrorist
    financier Sami Al-Arian.

    However, NION's links with Muslim terrorists are not just indirect, through
    IFCO. NION invited both Sami Al-Arian and Lynne Stewart to address their
    October 6, 2002 rally in Central Park. Stewart was indicted for passing
    messages on behalf of her terrorist client Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman.

    One of the members of NION's Advisory Board, Abdeen Jabara, is a member of
    the legal advisory board for the American Muslim Council. He is a past
    president of the Arab-American Ant-Discrimination Committee, a board member
    of William Kunstler's Center for Constitutional Rights, and a co-counsel
    with Lynne Stewart for Sheik Rahman, the terrorist convicted for the 1993
    World Trade Center bombing.

    The American Muslim Council is one of the current members of Al-Arian's
    NCPPF (the same group to which IFCO's Bernstein belongs). Leaders of the AMC
    have been quoted as praising Hamas and Hezbollah. Jabara's AMC advisory
    board colleagues include Fakhri Al-Barzinji. Al-Barzinji is involved in
    Mar-Jac Poultry, which was raided last year by the FBI for links to Sami

    Bashir Ahmad is another of Jabara's AMC advisory board colleagues. Ahmad is
    a member of the SAMAD Group (a financial operation) and Justice Taqi Usmani
    works for the SAMAD Group. Taqi Usmani is a suspected major player in the
    Muslim Brotherhood International money laundering network of Dallah
    Al-Baraka, Al-Taqwa, Al-Rahji Investment and Development Corp. Taqi Usman

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    can you say "even more off-topic here than it was in the other
    groups"? Sure, I knew you could.

    My email address is antispammed; pull WEEDS if replying via e-mail.
    Typoes are not a bug, they're a feature.
    Words processed in a facility that contains nuts.
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    "Werehatrack" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > can you say "even more off-topic here than it was in the other
    > groups"? Sure, I knew you could.

    Dontcha know? Since you ride a bicycle, you HAVE to be a "long haired
    hippie type pinko f&g"?* So of course, we all have to hate Republicans in
    general and Bush in particular. Any cyclist who thinks differently is just
    plain wrong (c:


    * ... nods to Charlie Daniels.