Calling all Cape Town cyclists

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    The Outriders Cycle Club was founded in 2001 when a small group of recreational cyclists in Table View realised a need for a cycle club/group within the area. In these past thee years the club has grown to well over 150 members.

    Regular social gatherings have become the norm for this club. An essential motivational tool, the families of members are encouraged to get together at these events which leads to the building of a better team.

    Initially starting off as a social club with a few members of racing category, the Outriders core philosoph was about enjoyment, safety in numbers and a platform for novices to venture into the world of cycling.

    Like all successful ventures the goals and aspirations of the club evolved over time, with the introduction of different groups for various strengths of the riders to the introduction of a racing division over the last season.

    In effect, the Outriders can boast that it is one of the few true clubs that can honestly say they cater for all types of riders ensuring in particular that the novice/intermediate rider is taken care of. When analysing the funrides it is obvious from the entries that there is only a small portion of riders out there that aspire for podium finishes, the majority enjoy the social side of cycling and do it for the exercise.

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