calling all probend bars

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    Nov 9, 2005
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    I just dont like the shapes of newer bars im not even that old at 22 im already complaing about newfangled technology. Im trying to get together a pretty good list of manufacturers and models that feature the pro/classic profile. Im not sure my complaint is as valid as it was when I was last putting together a new bike about 3 years ago the "Anatomic" bars seemed to be very angular then now it seems a lot of the bars are more of a blended shape thats a compromise between anatomic and pro ben(The modolo curvissima bend seems to be an example). thanks in advance for the help.

    heres what i have so far
    Easton Ec90 Equipe Pro and Ea70 Pro.
    Ritchey, WCS Carbon Classic and WCS Classic
    Salsa Estrada
    Bontrager Race XXX Lite VR - not sure about this one -- "Creates a classic look" - Bontrager description
    3ttt 4GXL TDF

    cant really tell but ITM seems to make some and maybe Cinelli?