Calling all Salt Lake City bent riders

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I know there are a few riders in Salt Lake. I need help dialing in the best position for my seat and
handlebars on my Bacchetta Giro. I could have sworn I saw some V-Rex posters, which is close enough
to the Bacchetta, 26/20, that could surely give me some good suggestions on a short ride this
weekend. My mechanic must have pushed the seat way back, when he was trying out the new chainring.
Adjustments are a real pain now that I have my rear rack and under seat carriage rack installed.
Loosen, loosen, loosen... You can email me at: [email protected] After trying out my Time
Atac's last week, and switching to my Eggbeaters this week, I would have to give my vote to the
EggBeaters for ease of entrance and exit. Whew, one more week of teaching, and then I am throwing
the bent on the truck and heading north to Idaho, Montana and Canada. Enough of this firehole! Five
days of 90+, Wednesday was 100, and still no relief in sight! Lyndon
Not open for further replies.