Calling Hazards And There Such A Thing As Too Much?


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Oct 10, 2015
I recently went on a 80+km ride with the local social road cycling group. Many of the people in the group are inexperienced or purely social riders. The entire ride felt like a constant stream of people yelling "hole", "slowing", "gravel"!!!! with panic filled voices. I am new to cycling (only two years old). Very quickly I learned the importance on being steady, attentive, maintaining communication and pointing out hazards. But when is it too much???? Is there such a thing as too many calls?
Yup, there is absolutely such a thing as unnecessary call-outs of "hazards". I call out stuff that can cause someone to fall or taco a wheel---or at least pinch flat. Or cause a puncture, like broken glass. Maybe a sandy patch on a turn. More often I'll point to minor stuff.

You know what really annoys me the most, though? It's the town crier who'll call out "car up!!!" every effing time that there's a car coming at us across the road heading the other way, on a straight stretch of road, when we're riding single file on our own shoulder. Hey, moron, I'm not blind.
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Kinda reminds me of the navigator in a rally car calling up the next couple of turns!

I do think I would get annoyed of the constant call outs for stuff very quickly though.