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On May 28, 9:33 am, "HyperCube33 \(Life2Death\)"
<hypercube[11x3]> wrote:
> Has anyone used a camelback water backpack or any of the clones from like
> cyclepro or bell?
> Do they hold more water than 24oz water bottles? How well do they keep it
> cool? The local trail has sparse water through its whole 70 miles (only like
> 3 stops - arugh) so I'm looking for alternatives as its only practical to
> carry a maximum of 2 bottles on our bikes.
> Thanks,
> Brian

You should be able to get two water bottles inside the main trangle of
each frame unless its a very, very small compact style frame. Water
bottles come in sizes of 20, 24, 28, and 32 ounces. The 32 is by
Zefal, Magnum. Sold at Performance and/or Nashbar, and elsewhere.
Some frames only have enough room to fit the smaller bottles in some
of the positions. If using cycling jerseys, you can easily put a
bottle of water in the back pocket. Drink it first to get the weight
off the center of your back.

I have a Camelbak Rocket model. 70 ounces. Insulated tube. Holds
some extra clothes and such that do not fit in the saddlebag. I only
use it on brevets, 200k and up. I drink more and more often with the
Camelbak. I do know there is weight on my back. But I also know I
have drank 2 quarts when I feel it is empty. That is good for long
endurance rides. I like to drink 2 quarts of Gatorade every 50 miles
on long rides. Plus plenty of fluid and food at the stops.
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> On May 28, 9:23 pm, Patrick Lamb <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I think some of the
>> Camelback's have one-sided insulation, too.

> Mine only has insulation against the back, but being the "Cloudwalker"
> model, the main storage compartment offers some dead air space. Iced
> water stays cool as long as I need to ride.
> I do need a new bladder as my last one was great for two years with
> weekly cleaning, then I forgot it for three weeks during some
> downtime, and it got smelly and the hose got packed with "fur".
> Yummmo!

The camel bak cleaning kit and tablets will take care of that-- I left mine
with some sport drink in it in my car or 3 weeks in the summer. I had
primordial ooze and fur. Srubbed it out with the brushes, soaked it with the
tablets, scrubbded some more and it was fresh as new.

To the OP go with a camel bak I have seen two other brand hydration paks pop
like water balloons during crashes. One of the magazines did a test a few
years ago where they ran over hydration paks with a car and I think camel
bak was the only bladder to survive.


> After rinsing and draining, try putting the bladder in a ziploc bag
> and then in the freezer between uses. Bingo, no mildew, etc., etc.

No need for the freezer the fridge works fine
Just fill it up after cleaning, put it in the fridge, then grab and