Camelback mounting on Tour Easy?

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I've recently mounted a fairing on my Tour Easy. (My thanks to the kind souls who gave their advice
concerning previous questions I had.) The mounting hardware now occupies some of the space where I
kept my Camelback. (Their 'Unbottle' fit beautifully between the TE handlebars!) Since the handlebar
mount no longer seems to be an option both for space and balance considerations, does anyone have
any suggestions for an alternate placement? (Any obscene suggestions should be kept to yourselves.)
The next most logical placement would be behind the seatback but I am conerned about clearance and
body contact.

PS- Living in the Phoenix area, I definitely would not want to eliminate the Camelback in favor of
the standard 2 bottle handlebar mounts.

PP- Those of you living outside the Sunbelt can take comfort in the fact that it is raining here and
temps were the high thirties this morning!
Not open for further replies.