Campag 9 speed hub question


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Jan 20, 2004
Will a Campag 9 speed cassette hub have the correct spline configuration to accept a Campag 10 speed cassette? TIA
Powerful Pete said:
That would be 'magnifico'. :)

Whichever. I saw and we have some 2009 Campagnolo stuff and more in the next week. Impressed! They not only addressed the fragile-ness(is that a word?) or spring carriers and shift springs but also dumped the awful 'Escape' and 'QS' of Centaur and below of 2007/8. The result is truly premium grouppos that work well, are reliable, with rebuildable shifters with a lineup that also dumps low end stuff(have fun with that shimano). From brakes to crank design to hood design, very good-Bravo!