Campagnolo 11 speeds


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Jan 15, 2011
Campagnolo says that the Centaur and Athena groups aren't interchangeable with the upper end groups such as Record. But another man said that he had been running Record levers on Centaur derailleurs since 11 speeds come out. Does anyone else know anything about this?
I thought you were the Campy man?

On another forum I found the below info:

Only a few models and years of Campy 10 RDs don't work with the new shifters - specifically 2007-2008 Centaur and below that were used with escape shifters. The higher level RDs all work fine.

11 out of 12 years (2000 - 2010) of Campagnolo 10 speed rear derailleurs share the same ratio in at least 5 out of 5 levels (Mirage through Record plus oddities like the Comp/Race triples). 1 of 11 years (2011) in two levels (Veloce and Centaur) match the new shifters.

The whole Escape debacle involves shifters pulling the same amount of cable as the rest of the line through Record but without the full functionality or small parts availability.

Cable pull is entirely a function of vintage and cog count. 10 speed from 2000 through 2010 are all the same whether Record Titanium with carbon fiber outer knuckle + outer cage and hollow pulley bolts or Mirage with plebian alloy and solid steel hardware. 11 speed and 2011 and newer 10 speed are something different. It's a lot like the move to 10 speeds in 2000, with the first overlapping 9 speed derailleurs having the old geometry + B-tension screw and later units 10 speed cable pull + lower pivot tension adjustment; only this time over-sized vs. conditional jockey wheels is the distinguishing feature.

Compatibility between old and new is officially a no-go according to Campagnolo and with varied user reports potentially dependent on user tolerance, derailleur hanger geometry, chain stay length, and chain line.

And then Tom there is this: rear derailleur - Campagnolo_Rev03_07_17.pdf

And this on another forum:

Hopefully that stuff will shed some light on your question.
Here is another more important question:

11 speed Campy and Shimano cassettes work the same with Campy 11 speed levers and derailleurs. So you can use 11 speed cassettes on the proper wheels and they will work fine on the Campy.

But 11 speed are no longer made and everything new is now 12 speed. Will a 12 speed rear derailleur work on an 11 speed lever properly? Or have they changed the pull ratio again?

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