Campagnolo Mirage shifters with Shogun Deore LX derailleurs?


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Nov 27, 2004
I asked this question in the Touring forum, but I'll ask a more specific one here.

I have a hybrid bike with (mostly) Deore LX equitment. I want to change the handlebar to drop styles, but changing all the other stuff to road style is too expensive. So I'd just like to change the shifters / leavers on the handlerbar.

So, my brakes / derailleurs / chainsets etc are all Deore LX (my current shifters are Deore), but if I go to a drop style handle bar I'd like to use drop style shifters.

I'm currently looking at the Campagnolo Mirage shifters, as they are cheaper than the Shimano Tiagra stuff.
(The Deore LX cassette is 9 speed, crank set is 3 speed).

Will that work? Attaching Campagnolo Mirage shifters / brake leavers to my Deore LX stuff?