Campagnolo/Shimano mixed "gruppos"


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Nov 13, 2006
There has been much discussion in various threads (tip of the hat to alfeng in particular) regarding the use of Campagnolo shifters (brifters if you prefer that terminology) with various mostly Shimano drivetrain configurations. The key reference document for determining "what works with what" is at . I do not intend to recapitulate here what has been discussed there and elsewhere. I just want to add what may be a new bit of knowledge recently gained, as follows:

In recent months, I have been running Campagnolo 11-spd Chorus shifters with my otherwise original 9-spd triple Shimano D/A drivetrain without incident. Worked perfectly. However, I was bitten by the desire to see if I could move up to a 10-speed setup. So I got myself a 10-spd 105 cassette and a 10-spd SRAM chain. Following the guidelines in the above link, I first tried the Hubbub connection; however, the result was very unsatisfactory. Being somewhat stubborn, I then obtained a J-tek Shiftmate #4. The result was a bit better, but still unsatisfactory; plus I was uncomfortable with the tight cable winding around the Shiftmate's pulley. So.....

I took another look at the tables in the above link, and noticed that the figures for 11-speed Campagnolo shifters in combination with those for Campagnolo's 10-speed rear derailleurs matched very closely the figures for a standard Shimano 10-speed shifter & rear derailleur setup. I found a good price on a Campagnolo Comp Triple 10-spd rear der ( and ordered one. I installed it yesterday.

The end result: It works GREAT! No special connection required. No muss. No fuss. No bother. Just good, smooth, quiet shifts.
So, Campag 11s shifters, Campag 10 r/der. What hub and cassette? Your post didn't make it clear
what you used.
"So I got myself a 10-spd 105 cassette"
Sorry---thought that made it clear.

Campag 11 shifters; Campag 10 Comp triple derailleurs (could have kept the Shimano 9-spd triple der up front); Shimano triple 9-spd crank; Shimano-compatible 9/10-spd hub (happens to be Ksyrium ES); Shimano 105 10-spd 11-28 cassette (SRAM would work fine also); SRAM 10-spd chain (Shimano or any other 10-spd chain would be fine also, I'm sure).
Nice one mate. I have a similar set-up on my 3 bikes.

Campag 10s ergo levers
Campag rear der / front der
Shimano rear hub
Shimano 9s cassette

Shifts without a hitch. I'm in the process of purchasing new Campag 10 (Centaur ultrashift) levers for
two of my bikes (already have them on one bike) as I prefer them (when riding on the hoods) to the older
style. I'll have two sets of Chorus (2008) going spare if anyone wants to bid me for them.
Your setup is interesting, and according to the article referenced in my above post, should not work particularly well, as the Shimano 9-speed cassette has a 4.35mm sprocket pitch, whereas a Campag 10-speed cassette, with which your Campag 10-speed shifters and rear derailleur are designed to be used, has a 4.15mm pitch. That's a difference of 0.20mm; the tables suggest that good compatibility requires that the difference be no more than 0.10mm. (According to the tables in the article, your Campag shifters and rear der should work perfectly with an 8-speed Shimano cassette, which has a 4.16mm pitch.)

Please note: I'm not questioning your statement that your bike "shifts without a hitch". If you say so, then it is presumably so. Just saying that the tables suggest your configuration is likely to be problematic. Having said this, I would add that a fellow I ride regularly with (including this evening) has 10-speed Shimano shifters and ders (designed for a Shimano cassette having a 3.95mm sprocket pitch) which shift his Campag 10-speed cassette (4.15 pitch) perfectly. Go figure!
There's a guy on this forum, Peter Vecchio ([SIZE=10.0pt]Vecchio's Bicicletteria in Boulder, Colorado) who's given me lots of advice on Campag and suggested [/SIZE]to me that y combo would work. Trust me, it does work.
There's a guy on this forum, Peter Vecchio ([SIZE=10.0pt]Vecchio's Bicicletteria in Boulder, Colorado) who's given me lots of advice on Campag and suggested [/SIZE]to me that my combo would work. Trust me, it does work.

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