Campagnolo Veloce Rear Derailleur Clunk


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Nov 10, 2010
I simply cannot diagnose the problem. I listen intently as I ride and over the last few years I have managed to figure out that the noise is definitely (I think) coming from the rear derailleur.

Basically, as I coast and slightly back pedal and then crank on the pedals (and sometimes when I haven't back pedaled) I hear a sort of a metallic clunk kind of a click. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, replicate the sound under similar conditions. It sounds like my chain is trapping in the cage, either at the jockey wheels or elsewhere. It's driving me crazy and has been for years.

I am by no means an expert mechanic, but adjusting a derailleur is rather elementary for me... so I'm not clueless... just purely confused!

Any insight on this type of noise? I know as cyclists we obsess about the noises our bikes make but this one is really driving me nuts. It sounds like some serious damage is happening each and every time I hear it, but I can never get it to "do it" on my bike stand or when I'm looking at the drivetrain as I'm riding.


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Aug 8, 2006
From your description, I'd guess the clunk is coming from your freehub. Easy way to check is to just try a different wheel. If that's the problem, it's possible it could be serviced and fixed.