Campy 10S shifting

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by David N. Makinson, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. I have Campy 10S, older Record carbon 10S shifters recently new springs
    by Vecchio's, Chorus 10S short cage, Campy cables, Cannondale frame
    (short stays), 13-29 Chorus cassette.

    My issue is that it would seem that the cable pull per shift is too much
    on the rear derailer. When I am on larger cogs, it seems that I need to
    adjust for a longer cable (shorter casing), but then on the smaller
    cogs, the derailer moves too far out and I need a shorter cable (longer
    casing). All stock spacers on cassette, as far as I know. I can either
    have things noisy on the large cogs and quiet on the small, or vice
    versa, but not quiet throughout.

    What are possible causes and fixes?

    My other bike.. Chorus shifters, 12-15 cassette, long stays, and medium
    cage Daytona, every shift is quiet and stays quiet and all idlers seem
    lined up with cogs.