Campy Athena vs. Campy Chorus weights


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Jun 1, 2005
Hello All,

I need some advice and I thought this forum would probably be the best source...Here's the deliema: In 1996 I lived in Vincenza, Italy for about year and a half. While there I had a custom Italian bike made to my measurements: Columbus SLX (steel) frame and Campy Athena Group throughout. I have been riding it ever since and it is a great bike...except it weights 23 pounds! I was wondering...would upgrading to a higher group (Chorus or Record Carbon) reduce the weight appreciablely. I would like to get the bike down to around the 18 pounds (sub 20) How much does a complete group weigh? Would it be worth the expense or should I just retire the old steel steed and jump on the carbon fiber band wagon. Here are the rest of the specs on the bike:

Frame: Columbus SLX (steel) 52-53cm (custom built so its inbetween sizes)
Fork: Columbus Chrome steel
Stem: ITM
Handlebars: Euro ITM
Campy Athena group throughout : Headset, hubs, brakes, rear/front derailers, pedals, bottom bracket, crank (170cm)...everything
Wheels: Campy Vento Aero (20 spoke). Front and Rear

Please keep in mind all of this stuff is circa 1996. Can I upgrade groups and achieve my desire weight or should I just buy a new bike. My budget is 2500 dollars.

Thanks for the help.

I would seriously consider keeping that bike the way it is (it's a classic now), and just getting another bike.

Remember, your 1996 bike cannot fit 10 speed, without a bit of ' violence' to the frame (lots of people do retrofit 10 speeds to these older frames, not a great idea IMHO).

Keep the current bike the way it is, and get another bike with Chorus or Centaur... your budget should make it possible (just to give you an idea, I think you can get a full Centaur Cervelo Soloist for 1900 USD).

Happy shopping and riding!
I bought a new Chorus group in 2002, and can't say that it represented a substantial weight savings over my 1970's vintage Record gear. More capable, slick shifters, but not really that much lighter. I'll toss out a SWAG and say maybe a pound, probably less. The carbon fiber crankset on the newer Campy groups, spectacular though it may look (and cost), doesn't actually save much weight. Vento's are pretty decent wheels, not a great deal of weight to be saved by replacing them, without spending a fortune. Just guessing here, but most of the extra weight you have is probably frame.

$2500 will get you a lot of bike these days. Keep the classic, and see what you can get new. I built my current bike with a Chorus group, a Trek carbon fiber frame, and used wheels and bars, for around $2k. A little under 19 pounds.
Thanks Pete and John for the good advice.

I kinda suspected this and honestly am relieved that buying a new bike is the way to go...I would like to keep the steel bike set up the way it is, I have a very sentimental attachment to the bike and would hate to do anything that would harm or take away from the bike.

Anyways I have been looking at Felt Carbon Fiber F2C and also the Felt F55, which are very aggressively priced. The F2C is Full Carbon Fiber Frame and complete Dura Ace Group for 2519.00 USD (MSRP). The F55 is alloy and Carbon Fiber also complete Dura Ace Group for around 1900.00 USD (MSRP).

If anyone has any experience with these bikes, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the advice and info