Campy - Compact vs Triple


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Sep 13, 2003
as I age I'm looking for more omph up hills - does Campy have a compact/rear cluster combo that is close to any of their triples - in both cases looking at the ratio of small CR teeth to large cog on rear cluster ?

would like to get close to a "granny" gear with a double .
I don't know what Campy flavor you have, but Campy does have a 13-29 10spd cassette. In 9 speed, they had a 13-28 and I think a 14-28. All of those yield a pretty low gear with a 50/34 compact crank (1.17 gear ratio with 34-29 and a 1.12 gear ratio with a 34-28). Of course it's up to you to decide what sort of low gear you need. You can get much lower by coupling those cassettes with a triple crankset, of course.
thanks Alienator , some quick research seems to indicate that 30T is the smallest CR on the Campy triples & I currently have 13-29 rear Chorus cogs , that gives 1.03 which is pretty good - do you know if they have a triple with an even smaller CR ??
Specialites TA make an inner chainring that's compatible with Shimano and Campy and is as small as 24 teeth. The BCD is 74mm. Here's the link. Of course you don't have to limit yourself to Campy cranksets.
Alienator , would you happen to know the BCD for Campy Chorus Double circa 2003 ; it's tough to measure accurately due to the normal dishing of the crank surface.

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